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title :  Micro butane welding torch
keywords :  Micro butane welding
Portable and unplugged , Unlimited using in only one place
It can be filled with butane repeatedly from the bottom. Its firepower can be
adjusted more appropriately by twisting the knob to the right setting. Please
place the body upside down when you fill the gas.
Please lay it flat for 3~ 5 mins. Reuse it after the gas is in steady state.
Please keep the flame away from the face ,body ,cloth and something
Should be placed in the cool place and be away from the direct sunlight.
Inition method : electron lighter
Uility time : 45~ 60mins (DT6000,DT6000s,DT6020) , 110 ~ 180 mins ( DB9155)
The use of the fuel : butane .
Maximum temperature : 1300 ~ 1350 ℃

Its cover is made in high strength plastic and its nozzle is made in the refactory
material and have a electroplate cover. it resists rust, it`s quite fit for welding in
dental laboratory .

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