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Denture Base Polymers-Fast Heat Curing
Fast Heat Curing

Through particular multidirectional rotation compounding process,
this product is made up by powder material of imported high-quality polymethyl methacrylate resin,
with cadmium-free inorganic red pigment and bionic stria vascularis added.

This product is clinically suitable for prosthodontics as denture base of patients with hypodontia.


Main features                                                   Curing stages

-Quick cure 20 minutes                                                        -Mixing Ratio: 1ml Liquid: 2.4g Powder;                                

-Easy to polish                                                                        -Mixing Time: 1-2mins;                          

-Craze free and Solvent resistant                                        -Dough Time: 14-20mins;

-Excellent handling properties                                             -Working Time: 8-10mins;

-Good working time                                                                -Curing Time: 20mins;

-Blanch Free

-Cadmium free  


Delivery forms 


5 Shade: 2S,2ST,3ST,I,V; Popular Shades: 2S,2ST,3ST ; Customized shade also available.



-Store in a ventilated place, and be protected from naked fire, high temperature and direct sunshine;

-Validity: Powder 3 years, Liquid 2 years.