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Internal Curing Light HB-9
1. Original imported big power LED, two types of power: 5W, 7W 9W
2. Blue light output, wavelength: 430-485nm;
3. Three working modes: gradually, flashing, all light;
4. Digital LED display
5. Brightness: 5W>=1400mW/cm2; 7W>=1700mW/cm2; 9W>2200 MW/CM 2
5. Solidification time and depth: 10s; 2-3mm;
6. Solidify all brands of resin materials;
Three types of power to choose: A type: Li-battery power, B type: AC 100-240V power, C type: AC24V power;

Light guide diameter is 10mm. The light transmission and solidification effect is better than other curing lights.