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title :  Dental X-ray Film Automatic Processor Developer
keywords :  Dental X-ray Film

New Dental X-ray Film Automatic Processor Developer


  • The oral automatic X-ray film bath equipment is a total automatic and wall mounted type.
  • The film is bathed automatically through three step: Developing, fixing and bathing.
  • The time developing films needed can be selected in the designing range. During the bathing process, delivery mechanism adopts anti-flaming ABS engineering materials.
  • It has easy cleanliness and maintenance, stable running, small volume, operators do not touch the developers and fixers directly, convenient and safe operation and so on characteristics.

    Main Technical parameters:

  • Normal working conditions
  • A). Surroundings temperature: 18º C-30º C;
  • B). Relative humidity:≤70%;
  • C). Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa-1060hPa;
  • D). Voltage of electrical source: 110V~ 220V± 10V; (this can be used worldwide,i will send the the correct one to fit your country.)
  • E). Frequency of electrical source: 50Hz± 1Hz.

    Surroundings of transportation and reservation:

  • A). Surroundings temperature range: -40º C-+55º C;
  • B). Relative humidity range: ≤93%
  • C). Atmospheric pressure range: 500hPa-1060hPa.


  • (1). Processing time of film
  • The time which develops films needed is 2min-8min, and can be accommodated continuously. The error is within± 10%.
  • (2). Light leaking
  • During the bathing process, light leaking is not permitted.
  • (3)The stability of film delivery
  • The delivery mechanism of film should not lacerate or lock films.
  • (4)The timing panel of transit film
  • The timing panel of transit film adopts the number 1-12 represents month, each scale represents 10 days.

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