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title :  Whitening light M238
keywords :  Teeth whitening

Floor stand model.

1.Teeth whitening accelerator
2. Two groups of the LED lamps, 4 for the upper, 4 for the below; total 8 lights
3. Optional output light model: A: upper light, B: below Lights, AB: both of the two groups.
4. Output power can choose from 40% to100%
5. Optional whitening time: 10 to 40 mins.
6. Dental led bleaching system and whitening light lamp accelerator teeth
7. The wavelength of blue light: 460-490nm

Input voltage: AC110-240V,50/60Hz;
Power: 70W;
Wavelength: 460-490nm
Camera pixels: 1.3mega
LED curing light power: 5W
Time of arm movement: 10S
Dimension of package: 45x49x97cm
Weight of one carton: 35kg;
Amount of one carton: 1 piece

The whiten hour:10-15minutes for one time, two or three times for one period of the treatment.

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