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title :  MD750+MD3X0+MD900+MD250
keywords :  Intraoral Camera

Wireless 2.0 mega pixels intra-oral (dental) camera features:

*Availabe for wire set also.
*High brightness images
*Simple operation and installation
*Light and easy mobility, with VIDEO & S-VIEDO port to connect with TV, USB port to connect with PC/Notebook,VGA  port to connect with Monitor.
*Equipped with anti-fog, non-spherical lens
*Super-wide automatically adjusting-focus lens
*Handpiece holder with automatic power-off function
*To use wireless intraoral camera, we can capture teeth images of patient and then transmit into computer on wireless LAN.
*Without any USB cable, it let dentist easily operate it, save images more quickly, and conveniently.

Intraoral Camera's Specification:
*Image sensor: 1/4" sony CCD
*Image resolution: 2.0 mega pixels
*Lamp: 6 pcs white LED(5600K)
*Accumulation point: 5mm~50mm
*Photographing visual angle: 70 degree
*Frequency: 5725~5875MHz
*Message output: USB 2.0
*Channel selection: 4 channel
*Receiving sensitivity: 95dB
*Compatible with Windows XP SP2/Windows Vista/Wins 7.

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