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title :  MD980SDW
keywords :  Intraoral Camera

New 0.68Mega Pixels Wireless cam         Model: MD-980SDW


*New nice design , wireless receiver could free ratate 85 degree .
*With 2GB micro sd card, 4 channels, 1600mA lithium battery.
*Wireless distance over 10 m
*  With Play , record voice and video function
*Super-wide automatically adjusting-focus lens , six white LEDs
*1/4 CMOS  0.68Mega pixels
*Video, S-Video. VGA output ,Power input jack, Audio Jack.


Image Sensor: 1/4 COMS
Image resolution: 0.68Mega Pixels
Output Jack: VGA &Video Output
Lamp: 6pcs white LED( 5600K)
Accumulation point: 3mm~50mm
Visual angle:105 degree
Storage: 2GB Micro SD card
Battery: 1600mA Lithium battery
Channe: 4 channels
Frequency: 5.80GHz
Wireless Distance: over 10 m
Singal Format: NTSC/PAL

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