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title :  LED mouth mirror
keywords :  LED mouth mirror
This dental mirror is a newly-developed item to make dentistry more professional and dental treatment more effective. It is high quality with CE certificate. With light supply working as an assistant, the users can easily and clearly check out dental problems in patients' mouth; besides, small size make it convenient to carry and simple to handle. In regard of disinfection, the users can easily take the mirror head off and get it sterilized under high temperature. Meanwhile, with the disposable plastic protection on the handle, the whole mirror is aseptic. And due to the screw-head design, the mirror head is not easy to slip away during using. It is very useful instrument for the dentists.

Total Length: 18.5 CM
Diameter: 1.2 CM
Packing: 17.2 × 6.0 × 2.0 CM
A LED mirror handle, a set of autoclavable mirror head

Direction for use

  1. Put two batteries into the handle with the positive voltage up from the end, then screw on the end switch. Put on a disposable plastic protection on the handle, then screw on the mirror head part. Push the button on the end, the LED Dental mirror can be used now.
  2. After using, the users can easily take the stainless steel mirror head off and get it autoclavable
  3. After sterilization, assemble all the parts back and use.

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